KIEV (Agencies): The eastern Ukrainian town of Avdiivka faced a third wave of attacks from Russian forces, systematically shelling the industrial hub’s center, according to Vitaly Barabash, the head of the town. Avdiivka, located near the Russian-held regional stronghold of Donetsk, has been under a relentless assault for over a month.

Barabash reported that the new wave of assaults is coming from all directions, specifically from the south and north flanks, targeting the industrial zone. The town, nearly encircled, has been on the front line since 2014 and is situated in the Donetsk region, which Russia has claimed to annex along with three other regions.

Russian forces are reportedly utilizing infantry and machinery, attacking the industrial zone with guided air bombs and cluster munitions, resulting in 30 to 40 “massive” strikes daily, as per Barabash. The assault includes the use of air defenses and has intensified the conflict in the region.

In a separate development, Russia claimed to have thwarted an attempt by the Kiev regime to carry out a terrorist attack using aerial drones against sites in the Russian Federation. The Defense Ministry reported the destruction of 16 Ukrainian drones, with 13 over the Crimean peninsula and three over the territory of the Volgograd region. Russia’s response to perceived threats reflects the escalating tensions and military activities in the region.

The situation continues to raise concerns about the humanitarian impact on the affected civilian population and underscores the urgent need for diplomatic efforts to address the conflict and seek a peaceful resolution.

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