MOSCOW (Agencies): Lobaev Arms, a Russian manufacturer known for its long-range high-precision rifles, has commenced testing of a “high-speed bullet” with the potential for hypersonic capabilities, enabling instantaneous and effective penetration of targets.

Russia is currently conducting tests on hypersonic sniper rounds, which can achieve speeds exceeding 1,500 meters per second (m/s), according to Vladislav Lobaev, the founder and head of Lobaev Arms, a private Russian weapons manufacturer, as reported by RIA Novosti.

Lobaev clarified that the ammunition is still referred to as “potentially hypersonic” because it currently operates at the threshold of hypersonic velocity.

Lobaev first gained attention in September 2018 when he set a goal to develop small arms ammunition with a velocity of 2,000 m/s. He explained that such rounds are essential for high-precision sniper rifles, offering increased range for “grazing fire.” Grazing fire is a military term denoting fire that travels approximately parallel to the ground. Lobaev noted that the new ammunition would no longer rely on gunpowder but instead employ detonating chemicals with a unique composition.

Why would snipers require high-speed or hypersonic rounds? The key lies in the fact that snipers must account for various external ballistics factors, including target distance, wind direction, wind speed, altitude, elevation, air density, and temperature to achieve maximum accuracy. However, high-speed or hypersonic bullets minimize the impact of these external factors and reduce the target’s time to evade destruction.

During a discussion with Russian journalists, Lobaev revealed that the hypersonic ammunition project had previously been put on hold due to the need to increase mass production of existing weapons under state defense procurement plans. However, the project has resumed as the Ukrainian military has begun using new 10×100 mm caliber munitions in combat. The challenge has allowed Lobaev Arms to advance its ambitious hypersonic ammunition project. After achieving speeds of 1,500-2,000 m/s, Lobaev’s rounds will surpass modern small-arms ammunition in terms of performance. In addition to pioneering munitions, Lobaev Arms specializes in developing large-caliber, high-precision, and long-range weapons. While the company has previously focused on exporting its rifles and serving the civilian market, Russia’s special military operations have led to a shift, with the Russian military and other security forces becoming the company’s primary customers.

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