• Torrential rainfall triggered landslides and temporary power cuts in 13 towns and cities overnight.

SEOUL (Aagencies): Heavy rains in South Korea have caused devastating effects, with 22 people confirmed dead, 14 missing, and thousands forced to evacuate, according to ministry data.

Landslides and the overflow of a dam have been reported as a result of the torrential rains.

As of now, 4,763 people have been evacuated across the country, and more heavy rain is expected, increasing the likelihood of the death toll rising.

The Korea Meteorological Administration has forecasted further rainfall on the Korean peninsula. The transportation sector has also been impacted, with the Korea Railroad Corporation halting slow trains and some bullet trains due to safety concerns from landslides and track flooding.

The government has called for active participation from the military in rescue efforts, mobilizing equipment and manpower. The torrential rainfall has led to landslides, temporary power cuts, and evacuation orders in several towns and cities.

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