Seoul (Agencies): Samsung Electronics revealed its plan to launch a real-time call translation service utilizing AI technology in its upcoming Galaxy flagship model next year.

The technology aims to simplify cross-language conversations by providing real-time translation in both audio and text during calls. Samsung, a leader among tech giants in the global AI landscape, is allocating substantial resources to this initiative.

The new feature will be integrated into the Galaxy flagship model, offering language support even for non-Samsung smartphones through on-device AI technology.

This advancement is expected to significantly enhance the user experience, enabling seamless communication in diverse linguistic settings. Analysts anticipate this move to mark a noteworthy achievement in the realm of real-time AI translation.

Samsung’s ongoing development of the Samsung Gauss generative AI model, spanning language, code, and image fields, is part of the broader initiative to embed AI capabilities across its product range in the near future.

This includes language AI for document summarization, code AI for simplified coding, and image AI for image conversion and editing.

Samsung envisions that embedded generative AI will revolutionize the capabilities of smartphones. Amid the enthusiasm for AI’s potential benefits, concerns about data privacy and misinformation persist.

Samsung reassured users that GalaxyAI, its new feature, will operate securely, keeping private conversations confined to the device and reflecting the growing focus on responsible AI development.

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