WASHINGTON (Agencies): A digital-security company with offices in Virginia and Alabama will destroy classified information technology for an unnamed customer under a deal worth as much as $50 million.

System High announced the five-year contract July 24, approximately one month after the award. The company touted its Proactive Protection Secure Holdings Risks reduction and Equipment Destruction capabilities, or P² SHRED, meant to deconstruct backlogs of sensitive equipment.

“End of lifecycle protection and risk mitigation requires timely, controlled destruction and disposal of retired IT equipment,” System High Chief Strategy Officer Doug Kumbalek said in a statement. “This award showcases top-of-class lifecycle protection capabilities and services offered by System High to our customers across the defense and intelligence communities, industry, academia, and commercial sectors.”

A System High spokesperson on Monday declined to provide additional details about the “customer or the scope of this specific contract.”

The company has a history in the national security space. It inked a $150 million contract with the Missile Defense Agency in August 2022, with tasks performed in Virginia, New Mexico, Alaska, and other states. Months earlier, it announced work supporting the F-35 Joint Program Office.

The proper handling of classified or otherwise highly guarded information is paramount at the Pentagon and among members of the intelligence community, which include the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office. Exposed secrets can put at risk troops or provide competitors like China and Russia a detailed look at technological advancements.

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