ISLAMABAD, Aug 11 (APP): Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced that the Kingdom will now allow visitors holding tourist visas to perform Umrah.

Citizens of 49 countries will be able to do so by securing their visas online on the Visit to Saudi Arabia, or immediately on arrival at airports, Arab News reported.

The decision has been taken to allow as many people as possible to perform the ritual.

The regulations allow visitors to obtain a tourist visa, valid for 12 months, to visit other cities in the Kingdom.

Those who have family visit visas are allowed to perform Umrah, by booking through the Eatmarna app.

To perform Umrah, visitors are required to obtain comprehensive health insurance, which includes covering the costs of COVID-19 treatment, accidents resulting in death or disability, and expenses arising from flight delays or cancellations.

Those wishing to perform Umrah from nations other than those who currently qualify should apply for visas at the Kingdom’s embassies in their countries.

The documents required include proof of residence and employment, return ticket, bank statement proving financial stability, itinerary, and complete personal information.

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