ANKARA (Agencies): As Turkiye’s indigenous fighter program, the TF-X, prepares for its maiden flight by the end of the year, fiscal challenges loom as potential obstacles to its success, warns an analyst. Meanwhile, President Erdogan seeks partners for the program, according to reports from Defence News.

Turkish Defence Minister Yasar Guler announced on August 14th that Pakistan was on the verge of signing an agreement to join the development of this fifth-generation fighter.

However, Turkey is currently grappling with high inflation and an external debt nearing $476 billion as of March.

“Friendship and partnership efforts are also being made by brotherly countries to participate in this project. An agreement has been inked with Azerbaijan, and there are other countries, like Pakistan, in the process of finalizing similar agreements,” Guler stated.

Ozgur Eksi, a defense analyst in Ankara, cautioned, “The TF-X program is inevitably going to face financial challenges in alignment with the country’s economic circumstances,” speaking to Defence News.

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