LONDON (Agencies): In a press conference held in London, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced his intention to disregard a recent decision by the UK Supreme Court, which deemed the government’s deportation plan of asylum seekers to Rwanda as “illegal.” The court ruled against the measure, citing unsafe conditions for migrants in Rwanda.

Despite the court’s ruling, Sunak expressed determination to revive the contentious immigration policy, emphasizing the need to break the juridical “merry-go-round” surrounding immigration matters. He mentioned plans for new legislation to confirm the safety of Rwanda and ongoing efforts to establish an international treaty with the African country.

The prime minister assured the public that deportation flights to Rwanda could commence as early as spring next year and outlined measures to legally guarantee the protection of relocated individuals. However, specifics about the legislative timeline and addressing the Supreme Court’s ruling were not provided.

Critics, including an ally of the recently dismissed home secretary Suella Braverman, characterized Sunak’s approach as a reiteration of the original plan and expressed skepticism about its viability in the courts. Braverman, who was removed from her position on Monday amid controversies, has been critical of the prime minister’s migration policy.

The deportation plan, initiated in April 2022 through a deal between Britain and Rwanda, has incurred significant costs, with the UK government reportedly paying at least £140 million ($175 million) to Rwanda. The European Court of Human Rights intervened in June 2022 to prevent the first deportation flight from taking place.

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