DUBAI (Agencies): In a surprising revelation, investigative reports from Important Stories (IStories) suggest that Ukraine continued to supply spare parts for aircraft to Russia, despite the ongoing conflict and sanctions on the Russian defense industry. The investigation accessed customs data and company registration information, indicating that Ukrainian manufacturers supplied components worth $4 million to Russian companies during a 12-month period of the war.

The spare parts were reportedly for Antonov aircraft and Motor Sich engines used by Russia in its civil aviation fleet. Notably, Russia maintains a small fleet of Ukrainian aircraft for connecting remote regions. The investigation identifies two Russian companies, Avia FED Service, and Bakaytorg1, involved in procuring parts from Ukrainian manufacturers.

Avia FED Service, which procured parts for repairing Antonov An-124 cargo aircraft and Kamov Ka-32 helicopters, reportedly received supplies from Ukrainian companies such as Kharkiv FED Machine Building Plant, Kyiv Radar Plant, and Motor Sich. The report suggests that the spare parts were supplied through an intermediary company, Linker, registered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to bypass international sanctions.

The investigation raises questions about whether Ukrainian authorities have taken any official action against these commercial dealings and if sanctions on Russian companies should also apply to Ukraine. The report underscores the complex dynamics where business interests sometimes appear to take precedence over geopolitical considerations.

It remains to be seen how this revelation will impact diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Russia, especially in the context of the ongoing conflict and international sanctions.

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