WASHINGTON (Agencies): Ukraine has acquired advanced industrial-level 3D printers from the United States, equipping them with the capability to manufacture critical spare parts for military equipment.

William LaPlant, the US Under Secretary of Defense for Procurement and Maintenance, disclosed this delivery in August, highlighting that Ukrainian personnel completed training on operating these printers just last week.

Speaking at the Center for a New American Security, LaPlant announced, “Finally, last month we delivered these industrial 3D printers to them in Ukraine, and last week their training on working with this printer was completed.” He also mentioned the presence of a massive 3D printer, comparable in size to a truck. This substantial printer empowers Ukraine to produce all the necessary components for various military applications, enhancing its self-reliance and operational capabilities.

LaPlante emphasized that the introduction of 3D printers on the Ukrainian side is a game-changer. It accelerates the restoration of frontline-damaged equipment and opens up new possibilities. He further noted that the capabilities of 3D printing extend beyond speed, enabling the creation of parts that would be challenging or impossible to produce using conventional methods, especially in the demanding conditions of a conflict. LaPlante highlighted that Ukrainian specialists took matters into their own hands and began 3D printing parts even without the required authorizations and technical data packages in the face of the full-scale Russian invasion. In times of an existential threat, concerns about intellectual property laws tend to take a backseat, he remarked.

Collaborative efforts were made to rectify this situation, ensuring that Ukraine now possesses the essential technical data packages for its 3D printing needs. This action aimed to provide them with the necessary resources to address the challenges posed by the conflict and support their defense efforts effectively. However, specific details regarding the number of 3D printers sent to Ukraine were not disclosed by the US official.

  • The Use of 3D Printers in the Ukraine Conflict

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has underscored the advantages of 3D printing technology, thanks to its adaptability and rapid production capabilities. These advantages substantially simplify the logistical challenges of supplying essential resources to the frontlines.

Most 3D printers are compact and can be seamlessly installed in subterranean bunkers, making them ideal for wartime production. Moreover, the inherent capabilities of 3D printing offer a strategic advantage by enabling efficient mass production of crucial components simultaneously across multiple locations. Since the Russian invasion in February 2022, Ukrainian forces have showcased resourcefulness by incorporating ammunition crafted with 3D printers.

Additionally, these printers have been utilized to manufacture components, such as plastic shanks, to modify standard ammunition for deployment from drones and other devices.

As previously reported, Ukraine has resorted to unconventional approaches, including “candy bombs,” in response to shortages in weapons and ammunition. Amateur groups have played an active role in these creative efforts, as highlighted by The Economist.

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