• In the near future, Chicago will become the first city with a commercial electric air taxi route.

CHICAGO (News Agencies): The US’ United Airlines plans to launch the first electric air taxi service in 2025, from O’Hare International Airpot to Vertiport Chicago, the biggest vertical aircraft take-off and landing facility in North America in partnership with Archer Aviation, according to media reports.
The Archer Midnight electric air cab is designed to carry four passengers, luggage, and a pilot for up to 160 km, but is also optimized for more frequent 32 km flights with a 12-minute charge in between.
The eVTOL is powered by six rechargeable batteries and is designed for speeds up to 240 km/h. The plane will operate at a “price that is competitive with ground travel.” To build the necessary charging infrastructure for the eVTOL in and around Chicago, United Airlines and Archer will work with Illinois-based electricity provider ComEd.
In 2020, United Airlines announced intentions to become “100 percent green” by 2050 by completely reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its operations, “not relying on traditional carbon offsets.”

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