Canberra (Agencies): The US military achieved a significant milestone by conducting its first-ever live firing of an MGM-140 ATACMS long-range tactical surface-to-surface ballistic missile in Australia during the Talisman Sabre 2023 exercise in late July, as reported by the Australian Defence Magazine on Thursday.

The missile launch took place at the Delamere range in Australia’s Northern Territory and was carried out from an M142 HIMARS launcher. The HIMARS was transported to the location by a US MC-130J transport aircraft from the Shoalwater Bay Training Area in Queensland.

Prior to this event, multiple M31 guided missiles were also fired from HIMARS launchers at the Shoalwater Bay range during the Talisman Sabre exercise.

In April, the Australian government announced plans to allocate $2.7 billion to acquire HIMARS and commence domestic production of guided missiles.

The Talisman Sabre 2023 drills commenced on July 21 and are set to continue until August 4. This live firing exercise marks a momentous step in strengthening the partnership between the US and Australia in defense capabilities and joint military exercises.

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