Baghdad (Agencies): The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs revealed on Thursday that three Swedish nationals received the death penalty for engaging in shootings in Iraq.

A fourth Swedish citizen may receive the same punishment for a different crime, according to Reuters.

Last month, the Swedish government summoned Iraq’s charge d’affaires to protest against the death sentence for one of the three people charged with the crime.

Sweden does not have the death penalty and opposes its usage in any scenario.

The death penalty does not exist in Swedish law, and the country is against its usage in any scenario.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it received confirmation that two additional Swedish nationals had been convicted of the same crime and sentenced to death.

The statement further illustrated that the information it received about the death penalty is highly serious and that it is working hard to guarantee that the sentences are not executed.

The Daily Aftonbladet, a Swedish daily newspaper published in Stockholm, mentioned in June that the Swedish nationals sentenced to death in Iraq were responsible for the shooting of another Swedish civilian in January.

A fourth Swedish national had been sentenced to death for a crime related to drugs.

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