SYDNEY (Agencies): A man launched a stabbing attack at a bustling shopping center, resulting in the death of six people. The assailant was subsequently shot dead by the police. The attack also left several people injured, including a small child.

The horrifying event took place at the Westfield Shopping Centre located in Bondi Junction, a suburb in the eastern part of the city. The suspect managed to stab nine people before a police inspector intervened. The inspector shot the man as he turned and brandished his knife. Six of the victims succumbed to their injuries, along with the suspect. The condition of the injured individuals remains uncertain.

Assistant Police Commissioner Anthony Cooke, while addressing the media, expressed his belief that the suspect acted alone. He assured the public that there was no ongoing threat. The identity of the offender remains unknown, and a comprehensive and meticulous investigation is underway.

Cooke stated that there was no evidence at the scene to suggest a motive or ideology behind the attack. He did not rule out any possibilities, including terrorism. He commended the police inspector, a senior officer, who was alone when she confronted the suspect. Her swift action upon arriving at the scene potentially saved many lives.

Paramedics were on the scene providing medical assistance to the victims. A witness, Roi Huberman, a sound engineer at ABC TV in Australia, recounted his experience. He reported hearing one or two gunshots and seeking shelter in a store. The store’s staff quickly locked the premises and later guided him and others to safety through the back exit.

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