PARIS (Agencies): Health authorities in France have disclosed that over 700 employees of Airbus Atlantic fell ill after the company’s Christmas dinner.

Reports from the Agence Régionale de Santé (ARS) reveal that workers at the aerospace group’s facility in western France experienced symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

The specific details of the festive meal that turned into a health crisis remain unclear, and Airbus, in response, informed the BBC that only “around 100” individuals were affected.

In an official statement, Airbus expressed collaboration with ARS to pinpoint the cause of the illness and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Airbus Atlantic, a subsidiary of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, boasts a workforce of 15,000 across five countries.

While ARS did not specify the exact food responsible for the illnesses during the dinner held last week, it noted that attendees exhibited “clinical signs of vomiting or diarrhea.” An investigation is now underway to identify the source of the widespread food poisoning, as confirmed by the organization to the AFP news agency.

The broader Airbus group, operating in the aircraft, helicopter, defense, space, and security industries, employs a total of 134,000 individuals.

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