MOSCOW (Agencies): Belgorod has been subjected to a horrifying, unanticipated attack by the Kiev regime, leading to substantial civilian casualties. This act of aggression, denounced by Russia’s Defense Ministry, necessitates a unified global outcry against such severe human rights infringements and demands accountability from the perpetrators.

A UN Security Council meeting is scheduled for 16:00 New York time (December 31, 00:00 Moscow time) to discuss the urgent issue of the Belgorod strikes, following a request from Russia.

The offensive involved two Vilkha missiles equipped with banned cluster munitions and Czech-manufactured Vampire MLRS rockets. Although air defense systems intercepted Alder missiles and most Vampire MLRS rockets, debris from the downed Vilkha missiles led to tragic outcomes, resulting in the death of 12 adults and two children, and injuries to 108 people.

Governor Gladkov shared further information:

1- The situation was reported to President Putin and Prime Minister Mishustin.

2- There were 108 casualties, including 15 children; 12 adults and 3 children were killed, with 5 children and 14 adults in critical condition.

3- Public events in all 9 border municipalities, Belgorod, and Yakovlevsky District have been canceled.

4- The Belgorod region’s government is working round-the-clock to manage the aftermath.

5- Over 100 vehicles were damaged, most of them completely burned; damage was detected in 22 houses.

6- The perpetrators will face retaliation, ensuring justice for the victims and their families.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has urged responsible governments and international organizations to denounce the attack and distance themselves from Kyiv’s ruling regime. The direct involvement of advisors from the USA and Britain is highlighted, calling for condemnation of the terrorist attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The silence from other nations is viewed as complicity in Kyiv’s crime. Russia is demanding the attendance of a permanent representative from the Czech Republic at the UN meeting. The Ministry also reported that Russian anti-aircraft units destroyed 13 Ukrainian rockets over the Belgorod region and downed 32 Ukrainian drones nationwide.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the victims and their families, and we vehemently condemn this attack on innocent lives. The international community is called upon to stand together against such atrocious violations, ensuring that justice is served.

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