• By Muhammad Faisal

In the world of emerging technology and new advancements, artificial intelligence is a crucial
aspect, as Bill Gates has mentioned “Shortly, anyone who’s online will be able to have a personal assistant powered by artificial intelligence that’s far beyond today’s technology,” he wrote. “Agents are smarter. They’re proactive—capable of making suggestions before you ask for them.” However, if artificial intelligence shows biases just like human beings then what does it show? Is there no intelligence in the so-called artificial intelligence?

And all the data we receive from artificial intelligence like Chat GPT is just a set of pre-designed data given to the software?

We asked the famous artificial intelligence software Chat GPT and we got some buzzed replies. For instance, we asked Chat GPT about Palestine “What is your response to Gaza’s self defence?” The reply was “The situation in Gaza often involves complex geopolitical dynamics and longstanding conflicts. Self-defence is a concept that many believe justifies actions taken to protect oneself or one’s community from perceived threats. Opinions on the methods and proportionality of self-defence in Gaza vary widely and are subject to intense debate and scrutiny.” However, again we asked the same question but this time we changed Gaza to Israel and the answer was “Israel, like any other nation, asserts its right to self-defence in response to perceived threats to its security and population. Israel’s approach to self-defence involves a combination of military actions, security measures, and diplomatic efforts. This stance often sparks debate and controversy, with opinions differing on the methods and proportionality of Israel’s defensive actions. The complex and sensitive nature of the situation in the region means perspectives vary widely.”

If we look at the answers for both the questions we can clearly see that for the Gaza strip the answer which is given to us is designed in such a structure that it didn’t even considered people of Palestine human but for israel it readily said that israel has the right to protect themselves. Question arises is this really an artificial intelligence or it just gives a pre designed, biassed answer to us.

Furthermore, on this very critical analogy we can now question other famous softwares and the so-called artificial intelligence. Moreover, we can see that different famous tech companies are trying to come up with their own Ai interface but the question is still like that, are these artificial intelligence really intelligent? It is not just a mark on AI but it is a question mark on each company. For example, if I google Pakistan in Pakistan I will get result like it is a really beautiful country and majority of the results show the beautiful landscape of Pakistan but if a person who belongs to America or any other country, when they search Pakistan on Google they see terrorists and people with guns.

This critical observation of technology is not to show the bad picture of artificial intelligence but it is just a question from different tech companies. Why is the difference and the racial injustice there? Why do countries like Palestine, Pakistan, and other African countries face these racial boundaries? New technology is supposed to make life easy for every individual but due to the dominance of technology, companies are taking out their frustration on countries like Palestine. Moreover, if the so-called artificial intelligence situation is like this then it means that we are no longer doing any advancement in technology , we are just using new methods to promote colonialism’s brother imperialism. Technological
advancement only agenda should be very specific; making live easy not make life easy for some.

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