• By: Wg Cdr (R) Zarar Sheikh 

Global politics is complex. Canada has accused Indian intelligence agencies of killing a Canadian Sikh on Canadian soil. Justin Trudeau said they have credible evidence to support their claim.

The accusation is probably true. No surprises in that. India and other countries are known to employ their intelligence agencies for covert operations of various kinds, sometimes including operations leading to the death of some perceived or real threats. But I think there is a particularity to this incident. And that is where the complexity lies.

Let me explain. The US and the West consider India as an absolutely necessary ally, to counter the growing influence and clout of China (and Russia), especially in Asia, but also around the globe.

Besides, India is the largest market for all kinds of their goods. India, on the other hand, recognizing its importance, has been taking full advantage of its position, to continue to maintain its economic relationship with both China and Russia. But lately, since the beginning of the Ukraine Conflict, India has not only defied the US by continuing to buy Russian oil (and that too at a discounted price), but has continued their military relationship.

At the UN, India has refused to condemn the Russian invasion and taken a neutral stand.

This is certainly not sitting well with the US and NATO, who have been desperately trying to isolate Russia.

So with this background, let us analyze what is happening.

India has general elections coming up in 2024. This would be a good time for the West to influence Indian elections to help a friendly government assume power at the Center, which will do their bidding.

Now we all know India has a Khalistan problem. A large segment of the Sikh community has not been happy with India, especially with the Modi government. So a trump card has been played by the West, using Canada, to create division and turmoil at this critical time, to warn the Modi government to stay in their shoes.

Now India is not a small country like Nepal, that they can toss around. It has the largest world population, over a billion and a quarter strong, and is one of the top six or seven economies. and growing at a rate faster than most countries in the world.

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