• By: Arisha Irshad Ali

Substance abuse is ubiquitous. It seems like air these days because our modern culture makes these things cool. Teenagers love to go for temporary comfort through these activities, which mostly include substance abuse. The ratio of drugs is increasing, and the pathetic thing about this is that our teenagers are in a trap. There are many reasons behind this, which is why our young generation falls for this vicious cycle.

The main and foremost thing is peer pressure. Friends are the most trustworthy creatures in the world. Which supports a person through thick and thin, but what happens if the friend has the bad habit of substance abuse?People find it fun at first, but later it becomes habitual. This habit cost them a lot. This ruins the social and personal relationships, and they aren’t even able to maintain a healthy life. They lost their job because being addicted to drugs means you depend on the chemicals for emotional stability. Family usually won’t be able to bear the consequences of substance abuse, so addicted people have to leave home. They became homeless. Another popular reason behind homelessness is that they used to gamble after going through the vicious cycle of addiction. They lost everything, and at the end of the day, they are at the mercy of the open sky and wide land.This cycle goes on. Our generation loves to have this at the start, but at the end of the day, this habit ruins the whole life of the young. This affects the whole family because it seems very unbearable when your beloved one is just living for having some weed. Drugs bless them with temporary comfort and give them a lifelong patch of unfitted soreness in the heart.People who are living on the roadside are in this situation because of this only habit.Now that their lives are only settled, the earth is to have drugs.

We have many rehabilitation centres that save precious lives and pull out people who want to get rid of them. If the substance abuse ratio declines, the rate of poverty may also show some declination. There must be programmes that support addicted youth to get out of this trauma because this costs the mental peace of mans. The easy availability of the drugs is another question mark for the government. This must be solved before our youth get tired of the addiction.

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