Vector of Laughing Devil Head with vintage hand drawing style
  • By: Arisha Irshad Ali

Angels and devils are hot topics when we were children.Our community use them as a metaphor. They forget to tell us that they are living within us. We can be angel to ourself and similar to devil. We all are well-known about how we can be angel and contribute to the service of mankind.Let’s dig dor the harsh realities of Devil.
There are three devils which are imbadded in our souls and we are on their grip. These became the obstacle in the path of success. The name of the first devil is “comparison”. Our life is usally filled with the judgments which shows that we are constantly in the habits of comparision. The learning point is. We might have same finish line but the starting point are different. Some people struggle very hard as compare to other which means we all have our personal race. What if we have good speed but we are running in wrong direction? We might reach the finish line but that doesn’t belong to us. You are still very far away from your goal.
The name of the second devil is ” Gossips”. We all love gossip. This love to hate thing is very popular and cheesy. The more we use bad words for ither the more we thing we are on truth. You can’t be good if you use bad words for others. Gossips in our culture rephrase as learning from the other mistakes but learning from others mistake have different parameters. Gossips in our culture seems as reflection of an unknown, unimportant story of others. The more you listen bad about other this will be part ofnyour thoughts and remember thoughts leads to action. Be concious what you are hearing and speaking. The choice is yours.
The name of the third devil is “Time waster”. Block your time for most important and urgent task. People who don’t get treatment of their disease at the right time loss their lives. This shows how much it is important to be on time. This shows that we are abide to respect the time because time and tide won’t wait for anyone.
These are well known and well research devils are now in the town. To live an intentional life be aware of these devils.

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