• By: Arisha IRS had Ali

We all want to have a leaner body, one that knows how to function properly. We see people who are becoming weak because of the curse of being thinner or smarter. Being smart means that your fat should be in the best place. Fat has its own benefits, for which it is necessary to have a certain amount of fat, but what if the ratio exceeds the limit? All you will hear is choas.

People love to go on a diet or go to the gym, but it is hard to adjust these ideals in this modern era where we don’t have time to sleep properly. We can lose weight by just altering the things that connect with the core of the fat.
Two new words are very important to understand the journey of fats in the body. Mobilisation and oxidation When we workout, we mobilise the fat from its original position, which shows that we lose some fat from that area. Mobilisation of fat is easy because when we workout , lift weight, we are done with only one segment of having a leaner body. The first and foremost step is to oxidise that fat when we mobilise.
How will we oxidise the fat? The answer is that all you need to do is move more, even after a gym workout or any other physical activity. This sedentary life taught us that 20 minutes of walking is considered exercise. Our ancestors used to have more than 2000 steps per day. There are certain people who eat a lot but aren’t able to gain weight. There are other people who just slip from the diet and add a few pounds to their body mass.
The reason is that when people go to the gym, they think they are done with this fat stuff, but no. You only pass the first step; the second step requires you to be active even after the workout. You aren’t supposed to be glued to the chair after an hour of workout. The fat, which delocate from its original side, has the power to re-intact. What if you didn’t oxidise the fat after mobilising it? The oxidation of fat is when you use fat by converting it into energy.
Here is the fun fact: those who ate a lot and didn’t put on weight do so just because they love to walk. They love to move. These fat facts will help you know that the more you move your body, the more you are subjected to having smart muscles.

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