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  • By: Zarar S. Sheikh
  • Why is the situation “most crucial”? Let us begin to look at this.

At this time in human history, we are passing through very dangerous times as humanity faces two existential threats: the possibility of a nuclear war and the likelihood of irreversible climate change.

The possibility of a nuclear war stems from the fact that rivalry among superpowers has been intensifying in the last few years. This has already culminated in two ongoing conflicts, in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine.

One cannot rule out that these conflicts could expand and bring superpowers face to face directly. There are other issues of contention, which can also lead to confrontation. We know these superpowers are armed to the teeth with a nuclear arsenal and each one seems adamant to win.

So, any misstep or miscalculation on either’s part could result in a nuclear situation, which would seriously endanger human life on this planet. I think we need to rid ourselves of the delusion, “This can not happen”, because many unthinkable things have happened. This is, in fact, an imminent threat.

The second existential threat relates to the continuous rise in global temperatures, with every new year breaking the record of the previous year. We have already seen the devastation caused by its impact on human life across all continents.

The actions taken by governments have been very minimal, even cosmetic. which have failed to counter this trend. The world has become so dependent on fossil fuels (which are the primary source of greenhouse gases), which are responsible for the temperature rise. Scientists have already warned that if decisive action is not taken to drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels, we are almost on the brink of an irreversible impact, which would make this planet Earth, uninhabitable for human species.

There is ONLY one light at the end of the tunnel, that is growing stronger with every passing day, that gives hope: the tremendous awareness among the people of the world that they have to force their leaders to change course, to take the difficult decisions, to save humanity.

We have already seen the unified stance of the people of the world in supporting the people of Palestine. This would have been unthinkable a few years ago. But it is still not enough. This unity needs to grow exponentially to become effective.

We have no other choice.

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