• By: Shama Latki

Pakistan is facing ongoing challenges and is going downward day to day. Does anyone know the reason? The answer is no.

Does anybody want to know the reason? No, because everybody is busy with their own life.

We, the residents of Pakistan just want our lives better. Not a single person in Pakistan is thinking about its welfare and development. Everybody is watching it’s on self-interest. But we fully believe people are unaware of the truth that we are with Pakistan and Pakistan is with us.

Despite working for our country we are working for ourselves and our lives. People are doing injustice with others. The living example of such injustice and inequality is “Discrimination of police”. Police in Pakistan have different rules for different classes of people.

They have different rules for the poor and different for the rich. If a rich did any crime even a serious one, he is not put into jail but police goes into their banglos and settle the matter there but when a poor child steals the meal form a shop, due to hunger, then the rules and regulations become strict and they put the innocent child into the prison for days and sometimes caught up to the court.

If we see in our society it is full of such examples and such realities, but these realities are hidden under the burden of money. Ask yourself, is this a Pakistan thy Quaid had made? That Iqbal had dreamed of and for which our ancestors had shed their blood.

This is our country, our soul and our heart. We all should work together to overcome such crimes in our society. Society is made by us. If we put efforts these crimes can be reduced or we can eliminated them from Pakistan.

So, every individual should put his/her effective part into it.

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