• By : Sameer Hidayatullah Rajper

As we know that Art is the unappreciated subject across the world , apart from it, Art plays an crucial role in making of an individual flexible, persistent and problem solving in difficult situations.

The (ACE) Art Council Of England published a review in which they assumed: Participation in art values makes individual social and can strengthen its communication because people will interact and desire to communicate with them. Even at student level art students are twice better to participate in different sessions while science and technology students don’t.
according to the (quality of quality) an article published by Wallace Foundation , the art education enlarge the creativity in students and uplift ability to apply creative thinking which obviously is the need of every arm of society.

It’s unqualifiable the benefits of Art’s education despite that We are staring increasing cuts in art education.

so the STEM ( Science, technology, engineering and mathematics)or STEAM (Science, technology, engineering,Art,and mathematics) movement founded by Rhode Island School of Design, work to enhance the value of Art and change STEM ( Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to STEAM (Science, technology, engineering,Art,and mathematics) to see the alter.

I once saw an interview with the CEO of any company, I don’t remember the name at this time in which he said I and my company selected an employee on the basis of self creativity. We only notice that the person whom we are going to select is persistent or not. it means self creativity is very important even of academic. for my example as English it is also Art’s subject I did not pay any attention to English upto 12th grade. But now when I am preparing for a competitive exam, I got the value, without English I cannot even pass a single subject of my exam. Just like these other subjects and skills are also important.

The word is becoming technological day by day jobs that were done by people before now can be done by robots there for the main demand is creativity and innovation. Expand thoughts remove limits. These skills can be gained by art education only. but our society and educational system has affected Science and Engineering Technology. but as time is going to be tough, the world needs such as creative thinking, cooperation and communication skills, etc.

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