• By: Adnan Hameed

Science Technology and Innovation (STI) is an important engine for the development of human society and an important means to address global challenges. At present, the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, and mankind is facing more and more major challenges.

More than ever, human society needs international cooperation, openness and sharing, and it needs STI cooperation to explore solutions to global issues, address the challenges of the times together, and to jointly promote peaceful development. To promote open, fair, equitable and non-discriminatory international science and technology cooperation, develop science for the benefit of all regardless of borders, and jointly build a global science and technology community, China puts forward the following International Science and Technology Cooperation Initiative:

Staying committed to the pursuit of science. We should approach science and pursue truth in the most appropriate way as it should be. We should uphold scientific integrity, respect research ethics, foster a vision of tech for good, and improve global science and technology governance. We should strengthen protection of intellectual property rights, and develop and govern emerging technologies in a more inclusive and prudent manner.

Pursuing innovation-driven development. We should enhance global STI collaboration, build a global innovation network, promote the adoption and diffusion of emerging technologies, and bolster technological innovation cooperation among enterprises to inject new impetus into world economic recovery and growth. Countries should work together to promote connectivity in the digital age, accelerate global transition toward green and low-carbon development, and achieve sustainable development for all.

Adhering to open cooperation. We should be committed to open science regardless of borders and with no barriers imposed, ensure the free flow of STI personnel and resources around the world, increase personnel exchanges and cooperation, and foster an open and free international ecosystem for science and technology cooperation. We will resolutely oppose restrictions or obstacles to science and technology cooperation which undermine the common interests of the international community.
Adhering to equality and inclusiveness.

We should uphold the principles of mutual respect, fairness, equality and non-discrimination, and encourage all countries and research entities to participate in international science and technology cooperation on an equal footing. We firmly oppose politicizing, instrumentalizing or weaponizing science and technology cooperation, and oppose hegemonic and bullying acts through science and technology under the pretext of national security.

Upholding solidarity and coordination. In the face of urgent global challenges such fields as climate change, health, environmental protection, energy security and food security, countries should work together to boost collaboration and mutual learning among STI entities, advance the implementation of major international science programs and projects, and achieve breakthroughs in major scientific and technological challenges concerning the future of mankind.

Pursuing win-win outcomes for all. We should uphold genuine multilateralism, explore a new model of win-win global cooperation on STI, and ensure that the STI achievements are shared by all. China will set up a global scientific research fund and increase scientific and technological assistance to other developing countries, so that scientific and technological progress will benefit mankind as a whole.

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