• By: Zaheer UD Din

As we look to the study we will come to know that Social Ideology Is not always static, it change with time to time. 1971 Galtung A norwegian philospher explain Newly formed imperlism in his research “He describe thats it not only to the military or economic fields, but also to the political, communicative and cultural areas.

Imperialism, thus, is mainly structural and it only resorts to its more physical and direct branch when all the other options are exausted. Furthermore, He describe that how centre extract the resources from perphary. So the Question is it true that Center truely extract the Resource and failed to provide the basic need for the people of prephary(KPK)?

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at present has tremendous potential of more than 30,000 MW Hydel Generation Capacity registering 50% of Pakistan total potential. The following projects of 1985 MW are available with Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organisation and feasibility studies are completed.on recently confernece Ex-Advisor to Prime Minister on Political and Public Affairs Engineer Amir Muqam while commenting on excessive electricity loadshedding, which he termed as a collective issue of the whole country, said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is receiving 1700 megawatt against its total demand of 3300 megawatt.Secondly,Recent record shows that kpk explore and produce rights for about 10 trillion cubic feet (280 billion cubic metres) of natural gas and 600 million barrels (95 million cubic metres) of petroleum resources in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.Despite the fact,Unannounced load shedding of gas is being done for 14 to 16 hours in urban areas, said a consumer Paras Ahmad Khan. “I do not know what to do either to continue with gas connection or to convert to LPG or other means,” he said.

Similarly, there is the same with electricity but no heat was paid to the problem being faced by the people.
There is no gas in several areas including suburbs, Charsadda road wherein dozens of CNG stations but the consumers are facing hardship with no gas for cooking.

People of the Nadapa Bala, main Charsadda road and suburbs areas including Budh Bear, Matni, Lala Musa, Kohat Road, University Road, Charsadda Road, Bakhshi Pul, Nasapa Bala, Lala Zar Colony people are facing difficulties due to no availability of gas. Another problem faced by Pashtuns living in KPK is their lack of economic opportunities. Since these areas are not politically stable, businesses have been hesitant to invest in the region, leading to a lack of job creation and poverty.

Furthermore, poverty and unemployment have created an environment of desperation and hopelessness, resulting in an increase in militancy in the region.The problems faced by Pashtuns living in KPK are a serious concern that needs to be addressed. Unless the government takes steps to improve the lives of Pashtuns by providing basic services, creating economic opportunities and providing political representation, then the situation is likely to worsen. It is essential that the rights and needs of this important ethnic group are respected and protected in order to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for the Pashtun people in Pakistan.

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