• By: Ibn-e-Taha

My fire is lethal, character strong: Blue eyed of nation the beloved son:

Surprised you are, surprised you’ll be: Change strategy, tactics, deceased Saffron:

Slings, sorrows n’ Outrageous fortune: PAF strikes, have kept you at drown:

Air supremacy is not your cup of tea: Fantastic tea, is the ending to sip on:

Hindutva, creed, and Brahman-hood: Negated by divinity of the only Crown:

Master Cahankiya and his poised thoughts: Jingoistic Maha Bharata, in actual a frown:

Intrigues, conspiracies, hysteria of war: Protagonists portray action movie is on:

Your planners know, they’re fake and freak: Remnants speak of the pride shot down:

Time-less zones, endless space dimension: And Badar’s angels, in support pouring down:

Creator is with me in all seven skies: Who is your protector in any of prong?

Martyrdom concept though imitated but: Acrobat adopting it seems a clown:

Do not consider my transfer, Amwaat I am blessed Mujahid-e-Samawaat

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