• By: Arisha Irshad Ali

Humans are obligated to reproduce in order to maintain the human race. Not thousands, but millions of people are born into this beautiful world on a daily basis. They are all welcomed by their beloved ones. We celebrate their big day, but there is another horrible story as well. We are all aware of the pregnancy complications, which are life-threatening.

A safe pregnancy leads to a safe delivery and a healthy baby being born. This cycle seems very simple, but the reality is contradictory. There are two kinds of pregnancy SVD: spontaneous vaginal delivery and caesarean section. Spontaneous vaginal delivery is considered the normal delivery (natural) with the fewest complications, whereas this C-section is horrible stuff for the women because it risks both lives.

When we need special equipment, this means that there are complications that align with the severity of the operation and the C-section delivery. Every kind of special equipment is used. The C-section-related mortality rate is high. Don’t be confused; let’s dig more into the background because the reality is still behind the bar. Dow University of Health Sciences is among the first hospitals in Karachi, which means that every kind of special case does reach here to eliminate its severity.

This hospital is now receiving cases of C-section-related complications. The number of cases is increasing, but the pattern and history of most of them are the same. Let’s connect the dots. Most of these cases are mainly from interior Sindh, where a lady was admitted for the C-section procedure, but due to the low quality of the health care system, the doctor wouldn’t be able to make it, and complications arose. The cases were not treated well, and the patient was moved to the ventilator and shifted to the karachi for recovery purposes.

why? The reporting of these cases is so similar to why women went for c-sention and ended up on ventilators. The sad part is that many of the women wouldn’t be able to stick with their breath and would lose their lives.

C-section rates are increasing all around the world. New data from the World Health Organisation claims that 21% of all childbirths are by c-section, and this will increase by 29% by 2030. These figures are alarming. The risks of the C-section procedure carry a risk of infection, hemorrhage, a and anaesthesia complications for the patient. The babies born by this method are at high risk of asthama due to several reasons. Complications for a new mother are uterine reprieve,issues with implantation, and never-ending health care costs.

The socio-economic condition of Pakistan is the main cause of this thing.This sounds weird, but the reality is very simple. In interior Sindh, the low cost rate for the C-section usually attracts the locals, who find that this operation can be done at a low cost, so they bothered to go to the well-reputated hospitals.

The government hospitals of Sindh are no longer able to entertain the rural areas of Pakistan, and the private hospitals play their games well. They provide low-cost operations, which can result in death. We don’t know which kind of doctors are working, and along with this, the health care facilities are good. Are they able to manage the critical patients?

We all have our answers because we are receiving patients from the interior on ventilators. The doctors are not credible enough to do this well-organised and life-threatening operation, due to which the elderly mother, who wanted to welcome her child, is now in the pangs of death.

Low-cost C-sections do not give any assurance that mom and child will be saved or managed well. It seems that while selecting a hospital, please look for their background because this is a risk to their lives. It is a request to the government of Pakistan to please look into this matter as to why many C-section patients end up on ventilators, mainly in the interior sindh

We are the ones who are going to look for the solution because a healthy life is right for every woman. We must give the life of our precious human to the hands of responsible and truthful people instead of someone who is just there for their personal interest and wants to earn instead of giving service.

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