• By: Arisha Irshad Ali

Karachi has a formal economy estimated to be worth $190 billion as of 2021, which is the largest in the country. Karachi collects 35% of Pakistan’s tax revenue and generates approximately 25% of Pakistan’s entire GDP.

Load shedding has its pangs for the common people because nowadays everything is run with the help of electricity. Life becomes so difficult without electricity. Students faced lots of difficulty when they faced power struggles.

Karachi plunged into the darkness when I saw that there was loadshedding in the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Karachi. Every document is now computerised, which means that there is a high need for power in order to run the whole system.

There are millions of students enrolled in the BIEK, and thousands of students came into this office for many kinds of official work. One student came to receive the intermediate certificate at 10 a.m. and wanted to get his certificate as soon as possible because he wanted to head to the job. The office barrier asked him to wait more because, since early morning, this office has faced power issues. This man said, how can I manage to wait more as I have to go to work? This scenario shows how power struggles give tough times to not only office workers but also students. This man was hopeless, as he said I couldn’t afford to be late for the job. He angrily left the office.

This scenario implies that how the city is managing many youths which are hopeless. This man faced a waste of time, energy, and resources, and after this sacrifice, he wouldn’t be able to get his certificate.

Our government offices must have a power supply, which ensures that our common people will not face more hurdles in the documentation phase of documentation. There should be a standby generator to ensure that this big department of education has the power to work smoothly. Like the healthcare sector, this education sector must have an ongoing power supply or have a periodic supply in the office.

This dark scenario shows that this BIEK won’t be able to be functional because the bank that is in the office won’t operate due to loadshedding, and many of the students have faced a lot of problems. In the modern epoch, where time is the only asset that humans have, In Pakistan, this is not well respected. Our government system must heed this matter of how loadshedding is affecting the future of the new generation.

Loadshedding in the residential area seems to be a common phenomenon where every citizen suffers because we all depend on electricity, and those who don’t get time to study in the morning hours won’t be able to study in the evening. This shows that being in 2024 won’t help us. The issues are the same, and we hope that we can’t transmit these issues to our young generation. Our youth are already resilient, but what would happen if they became hopeless? The new study shows that Director General of Passports Pakistan, Mustafa Jamal Qazi, said that 6.5 million passports have been issued so far in the year 2023. This shows how people, especially the young generation, wanted to leave Pakistan because the foreign country respected time the most.

Our Pakistan is losing a future asset, and now we are nearing the brain drain. Everyone is finding a way to go abroad. Pakistan has its own charm, and we need to heed our resources as Pakistan has lots of natural resources. There should be a perfect allocation of resources; this will help people sustain a happy life. Our government offices are running out of power, which shows that the roots are not strong enough to bear the burden of the new youth. Who are empowered and know how to escape. The power crisis will be another challenging aspect for Pakistan because Pakistanis are paying a high amount for electricity and are still out of power. High taxes and inflation have already ruined human nerves because things are far away.
When I inquired further, I got to know that there are several government schools in the city of lights that are in the vicious spiral of loadshedding. The summer season in Karachi is very harsh on the common people. Heat waves are the most common cause of death. These situations show that Pakistan has to work on the power supply sector so the common people who are paying high taxes can take advantage of it. Students are not productive when the environment is not supportive. When fans are off and students are full of sweat, can we imagine how they will write? When all they have in their hands is sweat. Our request to the official people of Pakistan is that our youth need a sustainable supply of power in order to function properly.

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