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US Congress adopted a resolution calling for independent probe into Pakistan’s general elections 2024? According to the resolution, Pakistan’s general elections were plagued by a nationwide mobile phone shut down, arrests and violence on election day. The resolution doesn’t answer the following:

Who is to probe? Will it be the US Congress or the Pakistani Govt? If probing of elections in another sovereign state is the purview of US Congress, why didn’t they pass a vote for other states of the world which are debatable? And if probing of rigging is domain of Pakistan Govt, Pakistani courts are already probing it. Cause of nationwide phone shut down is the western powers’ legacy in Pakistan. We served foreign interests and brought the Afghan borders war into Pakistan. Being poor nation we do not have resources to monitor and counter attack miscreants planning on-line/phone lines disorder within Pakistan. Twitter account of Trump is blocked inside USA, but shut-down of internet service in Pakistan is criticized. Arrests were made on election day of those encouraging violence. It was short duration arrests ensuring safety of arrested and avoid further violences.

Common man globally doesn’t know how Pakistan had been bullied. Polio campaign in Pakistan has been affected after Dr Shakeel Afridi’s so called hunt of Osama Bin Laden. Our people are not willing now to vaccinate their next generation fearing new conspiracy or scheme thru DNA change. And how Raymond Davis violated and killed Pakistanis within Pakistan. Surprisingly Raymond Davis was jailed for wrong parking in USA. Pakistan had been sanctioned during critical junctures in 1965 and 1971 wars, and later in different time frames. But was not trusted in killing of Osama Bin Laden on 02-05-2011, despite claiming Pakistan a non-NATO ally and a strategic partner? Henry Kissinger had said “It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal”.

Interference in domestic affairs of Muslim stable states is gaining popularity these days. So called champions of human rights, illegal arrests and violence are protagonists committing/committed these crimes in Palestine, Kashmir, East Timor, Darfur, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Sudan. Interestingly all of them are Muslim states. Readers may recall, it is the same US Congress legitimizing Palestinian genocide in Gaza. Unfortunately, our establishment is deeply influenced by Wested personnel.

Hardly two months back, British High Commissioner also commented on the election process and depriving one party of the electoral symbol during case hearing of by SC 24-27 Jun, 24. High Commissioner of such a stature, is expected to apologized later for her wrong briefing by poised people. History proves British biases against Pakistan since its’ birth.

Lord Mountbatten intentionally granted Muslim majority area of Kashmir to Bharat. Jinnah ordered his army chief to take military action but British origin army commander disobeyed. On armed struggle by local tribes supported by Pak Army it was Bharat which took the case to UNO. That would not have been possible without consent of the British Governor General at that time. We have not come out of the deeply en-rooted British influence. Our politicians have been groomed or prefer living/exiles in UK?

They also prefer medical treatment in England along-with all sorts of Pakistani politics discussions. Pakistani nation in pursuit of Messiah since last 77 years. Unfortunately Jinnah left earlier and his principles of “Faith, Unity and Discipline” are treated symbolic only. Being a barrister himself, he urged rule of the law. Violence, unrest and indiscipline attitude is against ideology of Jinnah who never asked his followers to take the legal and national level matters to streets. Had we followed his envisaged Judicial system’s effectively, our judiciary would have been amongst the best in world. Letter of six judges to CJP blamed the agencies and establishment but there is no mention of law beakers lawyers who break-in the courts, ask for decisions in favour and lock the court rooms as per their desire.

Today judicial career cadre had been made talk of the town. In past there are examples of judges who said “NO” to the influencers and are still alive today in history. People also have the right to ask what happened to lawyers who ransacked the Multan High court on 21 Aug, 2017? We are also not told the fate of law-breaker lawyers, who broke in the hospital of Lahore and snatched the Oxygen masks from patients on ventilators on 12 Dec, 2019 leading to three deaths?

Foreign critics of Pakistani elections are not told, total of 272 seats of NA were contested in elections of Feb, 2024. PTI won has a total of 81 seats and has challenged 18 seats. If all the 18 seats are given to PTI their total will be 99 (36% of the total seats contested) and not 181 (66%) as claimed by PTI. The party on the other hand, accepts rigged (self-claimed) mandate in KPK and happily formed Govt in the province. Critics are also not told big names of the ruling coalition have lost their seats during the same elections but didn’t asked for foreign interference. Interestingly, rigged elections of 2018 and bringing PTI to power are also not discussed.

Merely firing the Pakistan ambassador to USA is not a solution. Govt of Pakistan has to reach out to the big Pakistani communities living abroad thru social media and counter anti-state propaganda. Time has come Pakistan should get out of the clutches of international powers. Protest in UNO against US Congress resolution may also be considered on priority, otherwise Pakistan may lose moral grounds and every international Tom, Dick and Harry would start false propaganda against state of Pakistan. One may recall water disputes between Bharat and Pakistan over constructions and water flows towards Pakistan were not attended to due to internal rivalries. Subsequently Bharat had built large dams on inflowing rivers to Pakistan and we are facing acute water shortage today. For monitoring of atrocities in Kashmir a commission named United Nations Military Observers Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) was established in 1948. On 14 July, 2014, Bharat asked the commission to leave India.

Pakistan did not have vision and time to protest to UNO due to internal conflicts. Subsequently Bharat annexed Kashmir on 05 Aug, 2019 by abolishing the UN resolutions. If immediate actions are not initiated, Pakistan may lose on domestic front, which may lead to deployment of UN forces in Pakistan for protection of citizens. Invitees to foreign invaders forget, invaders eliminate the invitees first, before full take over of the invaded state.

Pakistan also needs to revise its’ foreign policy by tilting towards Chines-Russian block. Pakistan may be able to respond then the New world order of day:

“Queen is dead, Long Live the King”

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