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Recent global developments in Ukraine and Gaza will change the course of events in the coming days. This undeclared third world war will have a paradigm-changed geo-politics trend like the one the world witnessed in Sep 2001 after the 9/11 incident. The event led to the US invasion of Muslim Afghanistan, censuring all agencies’ financial and economic support to Afghanistan. It also led to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 under the allegation of having Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

The rise of the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia in 2010 changed of regime in Libya and followed the course. Subsequently, an undeclared terrorist label was imposed on Muslims all over the world. The same thoughts have been linked to the Gaza strikes on Israel. One may debate the action of the Al-Qassam brigade on 7 Oct 2023, nevertheless, Israel has no right to the genocide of Palestinian residents of Gaza and the West bank.

Zionists’ oppression and displacement of both Christians and Muslims of Palestine on Yaum-e-Naqba (May, 1948) forced these dispersed identities into a struggle for an independent state. A large number of Muslims and Christians were expelled from the Jewish-controlled areas of Mandatory Palestine during 1948 Arab-Israel war. A small number also left during the period (1948–1967) of Jordanian control of the West Bank.

To represent Palestinians’ cause at an international level, Al-Fateh was established in Kuwait in the late 1950s after the displacement and dispossession of more than 70,000 Palestinian Arabs (both Muslims and Christians). Numerous people established the secular nationalist organization, and the key founder was Yasser Arafat. Fatah’s objective initially was an armed struggle against Israel to liberate Palestine. It carried out military operations in 1965 mostly from Jordan and Lebanon.

Meanwhile, PLO was also formed on 2 Jun 1964 by Ahmed Shukeiri. In 1968 Al-Fateh became part of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) aiming to help Palestine attain statehood through armed resistance.

George Habbash a Christian by birth and faith was another Palestinian politician and physician who founded the Marxist–Leninist organization named “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) on 11 Dec, 1967. PFLP also joined PLO in 1968 for a joint struggle for the Palestinian cause. Habbash remained opposed to a two-state solution even after the PLO signed the Oslo Peace Accords in 1993 and resigned as secretary general of the PFLP. The Palestinian cause may be attributed to a combined struggle both by Muslims and Christians. Laila Khalid the first lady hijacker was a non-Muslim, likewise, Hannan Ashravi (former spokesperson for PLO) is also a Christian by birth and faith.

In November 1974, the PLO was recognized as competent on all matters concerning Palestine by the UN General Assembly granting them an observer status as a “non-state entity”. After the 1988 Declaration of Independence, the UN General Assembly officially “acknowledged” the proclamation and decided to use the designation “Palestine” instead of “Palestine Liberation Organization” in the UN.

In the 1990s, Fatah-led PLO officially announced they would renounce their armed resistance and later signed the “Oslo Accord” that established the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), or Palestinian Authority (PA), an interim self-governing body meant to lead to an independent Palestinian State. Currently, Fatah heads the PA, which governs the majority about 40% of the occupied West Bank. In 2006, it lost control of the Gaza Strip after losing to the political wing of the Palestinian militant group Hamas in the democratic elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC).

What is happening today in Gaza is a replica of Yaum-e-Naqba in 1948 and the psyche of killing Muslims has prevailed since the formation of UNO.

One wonders Western powers like Europe, USA, Australia) form an immediate military block against Russia for invading Ukraine, declaring Russia an aggressor: On the contrary, they support Israel for attacking the hospitals, schools, churches, and unarmed civilians in Gaza. West is supporting Israel for being attacked and targeted by a terrorist group Hamas. If this plea is accepted an unending brawl and aggression will pave the way for a global future. The ripple effect will also reach South Asia, where Kashmir will be considered a legal part of Bharat and Pakistan will be forced to forgo its’ principal stand on humanitarian grounds. Sanctioning from Arab friends and other financing donors will be a threat to Pakistan’s sovereignty.

The latest visit of Imam-e-Ka’ba may be a message to Pakistan. Readers may recall the visit of Imam Sahib took place only after a day when PM of Pakistan called the killing of Palestinian children a genocide by Israel.

Unfortunately, UNO was formed when the West was ruling the world. In its’ 75 years history, no resolution has been passed in favor of any Muslim state. The old organizational structure authorizes VETO only to the West and none of the VETO powers at the United Nations perceive, Muslims’ ideology and point of view, which is a continuation of the message of Abrah (Alaehi-ssalam).

West is not taught “A Muslim cannot be a Muslim, till the time he believes in all the Prophets, Divine books, Angels and day of Judgment”. Muslims recite prayers for the followers of Abraham (Alaehi-ssalam) in every rakaa’t of daily prayers (five times a day).

Unfortunately, the Muslim world’s viewpoint is never highlighted at the international level inclusive of UNO. The organization passed immediate resolutions for the independence of East Timur from Muslim Indonesia in 1999 and Darfur from Muslim Sudan in 2011 but is unwilling to grant independence to Ireland, Scotland, Catalonia, and various states of the USA. The United States agreed to different customs and traditions in Porto-Rico and the British Virgin Islands but no independence to Texas.

It appeals, till the time Muslim’s point of view is not projected in the form of a VETO, Gaza-like scenarios will label Muslims and their sponsoring agencies as terrorists and hurt the Muslim struggles around the globe.

There may be a question as to who would represent the Muslims’ point of view at the UNO and get a VETO power. The answer can be the existing Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Co-operation (OIC) or the head of the state where its session is being held. OIC is the second biggest organization in the world with 57 member states formed to safeguard Muslim interests in economic, socio, and political areas. It may not be an easy proposition and Muslim countries have to join hands for a thorough debate.

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