• By: Abdullah Lakho

In a democratic state like Pakistan, I don’t know what a terrorist is, as well as I don’t even know who they are. I’m at a loss. The so-called Democratic state of Pakistan has violated basic human rights in the winter of Islamabad. They have poured cold water, used shelling, and performed lathi charges on people, “oh sorry” I mean terrorists; The Baloch. As a Pakistani, I feel ashamed of myself for not being able to do anything for them. For God’s sake, at least they deserve an explanation as to why they have lost their loved ones including their fathers, children, and brothers.

At the moment, I’m sure, those losing their loved ones can’t logically be considered terrorists. How come they can make anyone cry or make anyone feel the way they felt, how come they can make others suffer over the situations they crossed by?

For 70 prolonged years, they have been struggling to receive their fundamental rights and still surviving somehow without getting any. On the other hand, the world is misguided about the Baloch community. Baloch is perceived as born to be a terrorist and similarly to be killed in the name of terrorism.

Mostly, Pakistani people use Balochs as sarcasm, however, they are probably the most hardworking, educated, hospitable, and diligent than many of the so-called patriotists and respected Pakistanis.

I was sentimental when I saw a young Baloch lady in front of the Islamabad Press Club raising her voice for her community’s fundamental rights. I don’t know who were the people who continuously hindered her speech and asked her to go inside. I don’t know what was the reason for such acts, maybe political or others. Even the judiciary isn’t at their ears to listen to their problems and rightful demands rather than basic human rights. For the mighty citizens, courts are always functioning even after dusk and for balochs jury seems asleep and supreme/high courts are closed. Likewise for political leaders judges are always available, and courts are open even if it is midnight, providing them with rapid justice. On the other hand, Baloch people just suffer and suffer. There is no room for justice, no institutions, no security plans, no infrastructure, no facilities and no one wants to know what has happened to them. Like others, they are also common people of Pakistan. I don’t know who will come to rescue them, I will provide them justice. As Pakistanis and their fellows, we should be standing with them, should be their voice, and facilitate them as much as possible.

As per my knowledge, a young lady Dr Mah Rang lost her father in 2011 when she was just 12 years old. Her high morale, influential words, and courage touched my soul and shook my conscience completely. She was in front of many people and was just reminding the world what the harsh reality is.

Witnessing the willpower of that young lady to stand and speak against the hidden capitalists, I was stunned and impressed. This incident and its emotional outcomes forced me to put my thoughts on answering those societal blunders of our state. I was acquiring my inner self and whether there was any element of democracy in Pakistan. Because the current and past scenarios put doubts on Pakistan as a democratic state. Isn’t there any revolutionary individual or system that will rescue us from this matrix of capitalism?

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