• By: Arisha Irshad Ali

We spend 1/3 of our lives at work. which is a huge amount of time we use to give to the livelihood. Can you expect a worker to be productive if you want her or him to work extra hours in a toxic office environment? This causes changes in a human’s mental and psychological health.

Now, extra working hours seem cool because it means that if you are working extra hours, you are a loyal worker. This is a myth, but it is highly acceptable.

This ideal, non-workable idea causes humans to live an unsatisfactory life. We do have laws for labor. We have mentioned that for 24 hours a day, we need to work 8 hours a day. The weekend is for family and friends (social well-being). If a person is not having family time or time to uplift his or her personality, what would you expect?

This old soul with traditional knowledge will be able to do wonders. Every job now needs creativity because the internet is flooded with information, but in Pakistan, things remain the same and unprecedented.

The days of the employee-employer relationship beginning and ending with a paycheck are over. In today’s world of hectic schedules, long periods of sitting, and takeaway lunches in between meetings, employee health and well-being in the office are more vital than ever, regardless of the size of your company.

Physical Well-being: Physical well-being is one of the most common benefits of a workplace wellness package. Exercise in any form can be beneficial, and there is real value in moving your body during work hours, such as going for a walk or taking time to stretch and reset. It aids in mental focus, body relaxation, and mind relaxation. If you make it a habit, you may even notice an increase in energy.

Silence is the key to creativity: Mindfulness has been related to improved creativity because it broadens cognitive capabilities and improves problem-solving insight. It can also significantly boost concentration while relieving tension and anxiety.

  • Mark important occasions.

In general, one of the simplest ways to create a healthy working atmosphere is to celebrate employee accomplishments. It strengthens social relationships at work and develops a sense of belonging.

The above-mentioned ideas are ideal and workable, which creates the best environment for the worker in order to sustain their health in a holistic way. As employees, we can work in the environment in order to make this the best possible way for people to enjoy their working hours. If a person enjoys the work, he or she will be more productive and creative. Stress related to work has taken a steep rise and added to the burden on people.

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