LONDON (Agencies): UK human rights group CAGE, which was set up to defend victims of the “war on terror”, is marking its 20th anniversary this week with a celebration of its achievements. The organisation will also be reinvigorating its strategy, announcing its formal rebranding as “CAGE International” and launching its new manifesto around which communities can mobilise.

CAGE International has said that it will remain rooted in its values and ethics, continuing to honour its core mission of a world free from oppression and an end to the global “war on terror” in the UK, but with the same mobilisation on a global scale. Part of the renewed strategy will see the organisation forge alliances and partnerships across the world with like-minded organisations to amplify its impact. Accompanying this will be a new visual identity and a revamped website.

Founded in 2003 as CagePrisoners, the organisation began advocating for the rights and due process of prisoners held by the US in Guantanamo Bay. Over the years, CAGE has broadened its focus to address state violations and overreach in the UK and on the international stage, within the framework of the so-called “war on terror”. The organisation has consistently been in the vanguard of the struggle against draconian counter-terrorism policies that target Muslim communities indiscriminately and, it seems, disproportionately.

This brand evolution comes as Gaza is facing a genocide. In response, CAGE International has mobilised its efforts in the service of the Palestinian liberation cause by creating and supporting the capacity to organise and defend Palestine in the UK and across the EU.

The transformation into CAGE International reflects the organisation’s commitment to expanding its reach and impact on a global scale. It will continue to address systemic issues, challenge human rights abuses, and amplify the voices of those who are too often silenced.

“CAGE International’s remarkable 20-year trajectory stands as a testament to the resilience of Muslim communities targeted by the state, defiantly resisting coordinated efforts to undermine their fight for justice,” said Muhammad Rabbani, the Managing Director of CAGE. “From its roots as a fervent advocate for Guantanamo Bay detainees, CAGE International has emerged as a leading voice in crucial policy debates, defending the rights of the downtrodden tirelessly and advancing justice in the struggle against an expanding security state.”

He added that, at its core, CAGE International remains a Muslim-led NGO that, from its inception, foresaw the far-reaching consequences of anti-terrorism laws on everyone’s rights. “Today, as we stand vindicated in our foresight, CAGE International represents a beacon of hope and resilience, transcending borders to ensure justice prevails. Our mission and values remain the same, but the impact will be greater.”

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