BERLIN (Agencies): According to a report by Der Spiegel, Germany is considering approaching India and Arab nations to source additional artillery shells for Ukraine. The media outlet alleged that Western intelligence chiefs recently warned that Kiev’s defenses could collapse unless its ammunition shortages are addressed quickly.

The report suggests that Germany is holding confidential talks with India on purchasing shells for Ukraine through intermediaries. India allegedly has “several hundred thousand” artillery shells in storage. The negotiations are being conducted in secret, as India “still maintains friendly relations with Moscow”.

Similar agreements in Ukraine’s interests are possible, particularly with Arab countries. Some of them have large stockpiles of ammunition. According to the experts interviewed, several Balkan states and a number of African countries have the capability to produce ammunition.

This development comes amid a halt in US shipments caused by a congressional impasse. The US, Ukraine’s primary donor, has not provided any defense aid in over a month as Congress has failed to give the green light to new allocations. This has led to ammunition shortages, sounding the alarm in Kiev.

The situation is critical as Western intelligence services reportedly predict that Ukraine’s own ammunition stocks will run out by June. This has necessitated the search for additional sources of artillery shells to bolster Ukraine’s defenses.

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