HELSINKI (Agencies): HMD Global, the Finnish manufacturer of the renowned Nokia cell phones, has announced its intention to introduce a new product line under its brand. This suggests that the iconic Nokia brand may once again disappear from the smartphone market.

In a promotional video released recently, HMD Global revealed plans to revamp “some all-time classics” by adding “modern features” and refreshing their design. These revamped devices, described as “new-stalgic dumbphones,” will be launched under the HMD brand.

Nokia, a Finnish telecom multinational, dominated the global cell phone market until 2011 when it began losing market share to smartphones. In 2014, Nokia sold its phone division to Microsoft, which subsequently phased it out.

The Nokia brand was considered defunct until HMD Global, a company established by several former Nokia employees, acquired Microsoft’s mobile phone business in 2016 and resurrected the brand. Jean-Francois Baril, CEO of HMD Global, stated last year that products under the HMD brand would coexist with Nokia-branded products until the licensing agreement with Microsoft expires in 2026.

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