NEW DELHI (Agencies): Recent reports indicate that the Indian Air Force (IAF) has taken measures to address the growing threat of drone strikes on military installations by deploying counter UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) systems.

Air Commodore Shekhar Yadav, the Air Officer Commanding of the Air Force Station (AFS) in Pune, expressed concerns about drone operations affecting joint user airfields. He highlighted issues related to drone flights, the risk of bird strikes, and the security of critical defense bases, as reported by IndianExpress.

“With the proliferation of many small models of drones… there is an increased risk to aircraft, more so in the vicinity of the airfield areas. Additionally, drone strikes have emerged as major threats to military installations and must be detected early enough to protect assets and troops. Flying bases and areas up to three kilometers of radius are a ‘no drone zone.’ To address this, the Air Force has installed counter-drone systems at its bases which involve soft kill as well as hard kill on unidentified flying objects,” said the officer.

Former Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force and DG of CAPS India, Anil Chopra, highlighted the increasing use of drones for cross-border intrusions and terrorist activities. The frequency of drone sightings across the international border has risen significantly, with over 300 sightings reported in 2022 alone.

Despite well-fenced and manned borders, state and non-state actors from neighboring countries are exploiting drones to smuggle illegal items, including arms, ammunition, drugs, and propaganda materials.

Drones, being affordable and commercially available, have become a preferred tool for various activities, including terrorism. The Indian security forces have implemented anti-drone measures, including integrated surveillance technology equipped with cameras, sensors, and alarms at sensitive points.

The development of counter-drone systems aims to detect and neutralize potential threats posed by drones near airfields and military installations. The evolving nature of drone technology requires constant vigilance and adaptive strategies to safeguard national security.

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