Pune (Agencies): In India, outrage is mounting after a 17-year-old boy allegedly killed two people while driving under the influence. The incident occurred in Pune when the boy, speeding in a Porsche, collided with a motorcycle, resulting in fatalities. As punishment, he was instructed to write an essay on road safety. Critics argue that this penalty is too lenient, given the severity of the crime.

The boy’s age and the 2015 changes to India’s juvenile laws, which allow children above 16 to be tried as adults for “heinous” crimes, have fueled the controversy. Pune police are investigating the minor for culpable homicide, and the court has been asked to review its bail decision. Additionally, the boy’s father, who allowed him to drive underage, has been arrested. Three others who served the minor alcohol are also in custody.

The tragedy has sparked public anger, with many expressing dissatisfaction over the boy’s bail conditions. Suresh Koshta, whose daughter was among the victims, calls for stricter action against the alleged driver. The case remains in the headlines, prompting discussions about justice and accountability. ??

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