TEHRAN (Agencies): An image has emerged on social media purporting to show the Iranian Navy’s light frigate IRIS Sahand (F-74) completely sunk in the port of Bandar Abbas.

The cause of the incident remains unknown at this time. Photographs depict the ship lying on its port side, with only part of the starboard side.

Iranian media have confirmed the “incident,” referring to it as an accident but have yet to provide detailed explanations.

According to Artesh, the Sahand was at an ISOICO shipyard for repairs when water entered its tanks, causing it to lose balance and capsize.

The IRIS Sahand is a relatively new vessel, having been commissioned on December 1, 2018. It was built at the Shahid Darvishi Marine Industries shipyard in Bandar Abbas, located along the strategic Strait of Hormuz. The Sahand is the third ship of the Mowj-class, following the Jamaran and Damavand. This class of ships, named after the Sahand volcano, succeeds the previous Vosper Mk.5-class light frigate, which was lost during Operation Praying Mantis in 1988.

Mowj-class ships, known as destroyers in Iran, have a displacement of approximately 1,500 tons and measure 95 meters in length. They feature reduced radar cross-section designs and can carry a helicopter, with a dedicated landing pad onboard.

The IRIS Sahand had recently received new weapons and sensors, enhancing its combat capabilities.

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