Tehran (Agencies): Iran’s Space Agency (ISA) is gearing up for an ambitious satellite launch in July. According to ISA official Salarieh, the compatibility and joint testing of the satellites and their launchers are currently underway. However, he cautions that this technical testing is highly sensitive and may lead to delays due to unexpected issues.

Around 30 satellites are currently in the design and development stages. Among them are Nahid-3, Pars-3, two radar satellites, Pars-2, and an upgraded version of Pars-1. The Pars-2 satellite and the enhanced Pars-1 model are expected to be unveiled and ready for launch by the end of this calendar year (March 20, 2025).

Additionally, Iran’s first radar satellite project is set to be completed next year. The test models of the country’s inaugural satellite system project, named after the martyred anti-terror commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, are in their final stages of development and will be ready for launch this year.

Emphasizing the importance of rigorous testing, Salarieh highlights that the ISA aims for a 100% success rate before proceeding with any launch. Even if the success probability during testing reaches 99%, the agency will continue repeating tests until achieving full confidence before the actual launch.

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