BAGHDAD (Agencies): Ziad Ali Fadel, Iraq’s Minister of Electricity, officially opened the electrical connection line between Iraq and Jordan. The inauguration took place in the Al-Rutba District, far west of Anbar, and marked the completion of the first phase of the project.

The ceremony was attended by Governor Muhammad Nouri and Representative Haibat Al-Halbousi, Chairman of the Parliamentary Oil and Gas Committee.

The newly established 132 kV electricity line holds immense significance for the people of Rutba, who have endured a decade of hardship due to the lack of national electricity resulting from ISIS’s sabotage of the infrastructure. With this connection, residents can now look forward to stable and sustainable electricity.

The ambitious electrical interconnection project spans three phases and is projected to reach a capacity of 500 megawatts in its third phase, operating at a voltage of 400 kV. This achievement is made possible through the activation of the tripartite interconnection between Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt. Notably, it will play a crucial role in meeting the energy needs of large parts of Anbar Governorate.

This collaborative effort represents a significant step toward enhancing regional connectivity and ensuring a brighter future for the people of both Iraq and Jordan.

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