BAGHDAD (Agencies): Iraq and Kuwait have concluded a strategic collaboration agreement to establish a communications route from the Gulf to Europe. This partnership aims to strengthen Iraq’s strategic position in the region.

The Informatics and Telecommunications Public Company (ITPC) of the Iraqi Ministry of Communications signed a strategic contract with the Kuwaiti company Zajil Telecom. The agreement is to create an international telecommunications corridor to Europe via Iraq, passing through Turkey.

Hiyam Al-Yasiri, the Iraqi Minister of Communications, explained that the agreement aims to fortify Iraq’s strategic standing in the region and optimize financial gains for the execution of government initiatives. The agreement is the first of several projects for underwater and transit cables, aiming to create a communication flow from the Gulf States, South and West Asia up to the European continent via Iraqi land and sea ports.

Al-Yasiri indicated that this plan, along with other similar initiatives currently underway, will turn Iraq into a secure land corridor that may rival the region’s only international maritime route that goes via the Suez Canal.

Al-Yasiri also clarified that initial approvals have been granted to connect the UAE to Al-Faw in southern Iraq. The ministry will soon sign similar contracts, including one with Saudi Arabia, in addition to other measures being taken with Oman and Bahrain. This marks a significant step in enhancing the telecommunications infrastructure in the region.

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