Tokyo (Agencies): In response to China’s assertive actions in the South China Sea, the Philippines and Japan have finalized their largest maritime security project.

Tokyo will fund the construction of five large patrol ships for the Philippines Coast Guard, bolstering Manila’s resistance to China’s belligerence in the region.

The Maritime Safety Capacity Improvement Project (MSCIP) aims to enhance the Philippine Coast Guard’s capability to respond to threats within its maritime jurisdiction, focusing on securing vital sea lines of communication.

The $507 million project, funded by an Official Development Aid loan from Japan, will deliver five 97-meter-long multi-mission response vessels (MRRV) and a five-year integrated logistics support package.

These modern patrol vessels, based on Japan Coast Guard’s Kunigami class, will significantly enhance the Philippines’ maritime security. Japan has been actively supporting the Philippines through loans for patrol ships and other initiatives since 2013.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Coast Guard remains the largest in the world, operating over 1,275 hulls, while the Philippines Coast Guard operates 62 patrol vessels, including the advanced BRP Pampanga equipped with secure communication systems and underwater remotely operated vehicles.

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