Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my concern regarding the current academic schedule and the pressure it places on students to complete their coursework just a week before final exams. The intense pace and condensed time frame for wrapping up academic requirements create undue stress and may compromise the quality of learning.

Rushing through academic courses can hinder understanding and overall educational experience, as it requires comprehension, critical thinking, and meaningful engagement with the material.Allowing students more time to complete coursework before the final week can improve the learning environment by allowing them to review, ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in discussions.

Moreover, a balanced schedule benefits instructors by allowing them to provide feedback, address student concerns, and create an interactive learning experience, fostering a positive academic atmosphere.

I urge educational institutions to reconsider their current policies and timelines, placing a greater emphasis on the importance of a well-rounded education rather than rushing to meet arbitrary deadlines. Allowing students and faculty the time they need to thoroughly complete and absorb the course content will undoubtedly contribute to a more successful and fulfilling educational experience.


Zooha Indher


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