Brushing teeth is our regular mundane, which we abide by unintentionally. If we skip for a day, it doesn’t affect our health that much, but what if we don’t perform this in a raw.

Multiple oral infections and respiratory disorders will be part of our body. This shows that minute negligence will hurt. Now, have a look into the ignorance of our health care workers. Which we use to say angles and after God in terms of saving lives. What if they are not credible? What if they are not that certified? What if they aren’t qualified to manage the life of the patient?

The end result is the same, which is death. Some managable things, if not managed, can be life-threatening. They can be life-threatening in the health care sector. Again,numerous gender-related issues arose, which falls under the umbrella ofc-section and normal delivery. Some health care workers who are not certified and run their own clinic turn normal deliveries into abnormal ones, which result in death.

The new case has been reported (not mentioning the hospital name due to confidentiality) where the health care worker did normal delivery and cut the organ deeply, due to which the patient bled heavily. On the way, when the patient transfers from Tahtta to Karachi, her HB becomes 3.8, which shows how that woman was bleeding.

This shows how our ignorance can result in the death of our race, i.e., human beings. We need to go for quality education where new credible, intelligent, and smart people become health care workers and give comfort to the patient instead of mourning.

Arisha Irshad Ali


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