Our Pakistani families used to seek a bride who knew how to use a stethoscope and roller. A doctorate degree consumes your whole energy, which means that a girl needs support in family matters.

The majority of Pakistani girls secured a high number of seats in the MDCAT exam, which is the entrance exam for the MBBS program. Surprisingly, only less than 50% of them continue. If the doctor is beautiful, she will be captured by the wealthy family because a beautiful doctor attracts the most. They got married, and most of them won’t be able to manage the job, due to which they left their job.

Sometimes I personally advise that we must give boys a higher number of seats because, in this society, boys have a higher opportunity to exercise their profession, whereas a girl has many responsibilities on her shoulders and is unknown to her future in-laws families.

The future is usually mysterious to them.

In Pakistan, we need female doctors who help female patients. As the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, most of the people here used to do Pardah, due to which they prefer the female doctor. Even on arrival at the hospital, if a female doctor is not available, the patient fails to explain their problem, which gives rise to reproductive issues.

The reproductive organ is the most beautiful organ that needs to be assessed and taken care of, but this phenomenon has killed its delicacy. We love to educate our daughters, but what? If the in-laws family won’t support them, many girls are programmed to become doctors, so they get a good Rishta.

This is another pathetic reality that needs to be reassessed. Many research studies and graphs show the steep decline in the availability of female doctors. Our female doctors need support from the family in order to add value to people’s lives.

At the end, I need to blame the female majority of Pakistan for not supporting their doctors daughter-in-law and help them settle their careers and families. Helping each other and adding value to people’s lives is a dream and a big blessing.

Arisha Irshad Ali


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