Dear Editor

Today’s youth are hooked on fast food, mistaking indulgence for modernity. This addiction to burgers, fries, and late-night pizza threatens our culinary heritage and their health. They’re abandoning vegetables, fruits, and even traditional meats like mutton and beef, relying solely on chicken. But this chicken, pumped with hormones for rapid growth, lacks proper nutrition and can disrupt hormonal balance, particularly in young women and our future mothers.

For the future of our nation, we need to prioritize a healthy diet. Our youth skip breakfast and eat heavy, fried meals late at night, harming their bodies and minds. We must educate parents about the dangers of fast food and the importance of balanced meals with vegetables, fruits, and diverse meats.

Social media, their constant companion, can be a powerful tool for change. We can launch campaigns with social media influencers and actors, promoting healthy food choices and companies that offer them. The government must collaborate in this effort, incentivizing healthy options and spreading awareness.

The future isn’t predetermined. It’s time to ditch the comfort zone and take initiative. Let’s act now to nourish our youth and our nation’s future, before it’s too late.


Umama Rajput


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