Dear Editor,

Illiteracy, a shadow that looms over the landscape of human potential, is not merely the absence of reading and writing skills but a barrier that denies countless individuals the keys to knowledge and empowerment.

In its grip, minds remain confined to the margins of ignorance, limiting the capacity for critical thinking and hindering the pursuit of dreams. Illiteracy is a silent adversary that perpetuates cycles of poverty and inequality, as access to education becomes a distant privilege rather than a universal right.

The eradication of illiteracy is not merely a call for basic literacy skills; it is a clarion call for the liberation of minds, a transformative journey that unlocks the gates to enlightenment and self-discovery. Each illiterate individual represents a story silenced, a potential untapped, and a unique voice unheard.

As we strive to build a more inclusive and enlightened world, dismantling the chains of illiteracy becomes an indispensable step towards unlocking the vast reservoirs of human ingenuity and fostering a society where every individual can contribute to the tapestry of knowledge and progress.

Ghulam Nabi Memon


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