It has been more than a month since the sudden airstrikes got the attention of the globe and the consecutive attacks of Israel on Palestine. This all ensured it was the leading global confrontation that sought the attention of the whole Middle East along with the superpower countries. It started highlighting the continuous airstrikes on Palestine.

However, these rampant and non-stop attacks show the genocide that resulted in the massive destruction and the high death toll on the land of Palestine. Following the civilian killings in Palestine, the Israeli troops targeted the women and children and then started threatening the hospitals. The hospitals shelter the citizens of that land including the patients who are suffering from these violent attacks and most of them are admitted in the Incentive Care Unit (ICU).

Now, in this month many threats are being given to Palestinians for evacuating the hospitals at gunpoint. Where should they go in this situation? This havoc causes the intense tensions in the global architecture and deteriorate its image.

Keeping the current situation in heed; for the peace of Palestine, the extinction of the daily attacks, and also global peace and security, it should be the first concern of the global governing bodies to have an eye on this conflict and come up with the sustainable and rational solutions to protect the rights and peace, and to stop further killing of the innocent people of Palestine. War is not an end solution to win and dominate in the world arena but peace is.

Iqra Kalhoro

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