Respected Mohammad Ali Tabba SB,
KIA Lucky Motors Pakistan

Subject: Urgent Appeal Regarding Delay in Commencing Repairs on my Accidented KIA SPORTAGE AWD Car – AAT 123 ISLAMABAD

Dear Sir,

I trust this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to bring a matter of pressing concern to your attention regarding the unfortunate delay in initiating repair work on my accidented KIA SPORTAGE AWD Car with the registration number AAT 123 ISLAMABAD at the KIA Murree Road branch.

On December 25, 2023, I was involved in an accident, and my car urgently requires repairs. I approached Mr. Ibrar SB, the staff in-charge at the KIA Murree Road branch, seeking his assistance to expedite the repair process. Unfortunately, despite my persistent requests, there has been no progress, and my car has been parked at the workshop for the past two days.

This delay is not only causing inconvenience but also disrupting my daily activities, as the car is essential for my transportation, particularly due to my health condition. I have discussed the matter with Mr. Nadeem, the owner of KIA Murree Road, who informed me that the delay is due to awaiting approval from United Takaful.

While I understand the necessary procedures for insurance claims, my situation requires immediate attention, and I believe this delay could have been avoided. I am urging your intervention to take appropriate action against Mr. Ibrar SB, who has not initiated the repair work despite my requests.

It is disheartening to note that the delay caused by the staff not only tarnishes the reputation of KIA Pakistan but also creates an unfavorable customer experience. I had initially been informed that the repair work would take 6 to 7 working days, which was later reduced to 4 days by Mr. Nadeem. However, the in-charge still insists on a 7-day timeframe despite all required parts being available at KIA Murree Road.

Due to this unfortunate situation, I have decided to retrieve my car from the said franchise and bring this matter to your attention. I believe such incidents require careful consideration and corrective action to maintain the high standard of customer service that KIA Pakistan is known for.

I kindly request you to conduct an internal investigation into this incident to ensure that proper protocols are followed, and such delays do not occur in the future. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and I hope your swift actions will address this matter promptly.

I appreciate your understanding and hope that KIA Pakistan will continue to provide efficient service in the future.


Dr Umair Kamal


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